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Chocolate made from avocado



100% real food


“why can’t our favorite foods be good for us?”

-Greg D’Alessandro, Founder


We work, play and communicate entirely differently than we did just a decade or two ago. Why?  Because a handful of people believed there was a better way—and they defied previously accepted ‘compromises’ to make it happen.

So when it comes to the way we fuel our lives, why do we have a lower standard?  The food industry has made great progress removing junk ingredients and making many healthy foods taste better.  But why do we still accept that our favorite indulgent foods like chocolate can’t be good for us?

I’m not usually one to refuse these tired compromises, but my wife Jennie is. Tired of making healthy foods people wouldn’t eat, she set the bar high and crafted a nutrient-dense, low sugar and surprisingly delicious chocolate the whole family would love. We loved it so much I left my ‘big food’ job to start our own company. My daughters came up with D’Avocado’s name, meaning ‘from the avocado’ and love helping me at sampling events.  

We’re now spreading D’Avocado beyond our family and are thrilled to see that people love it as much as we do. Everyone loves chocolate, but we’re hoping you’ll agree that D’Avocado is the only chocolate that loves you back.